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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending June 27

John Cox | June 30, 2014
Set to be launched on September 19, the upcoming iPhone will feature 128GB storage options, 4.7 inch display and 2.5-dimension glass.

There's also the issue of how this material relates — or whether it relates — to Apple's billion-dollar investment in synthetic sapphire production, presumably as a cover glass for iPhone displays.

As is often the case in the iOSphere, more is less.

iPhone 6 video shows possible final build of rear cover
That's the full headline at Nate Swanner's Slashgear post. The video shows "what appears to be a finished rear cover straight off the production line."

Swanner is nothing but optimistic on what can be gleaned from the video first posted at the Japanese blog Mac Otakara. (You can also see it on Youtube.)

There's the "cutout" in the back plate for the Apple logo. "Previously, we heard the Apple logo would actually be a cutout, allowing for the possibility of wireless charging and an IR blaster," Swanner explains. "This leak shows that cutout in place, lending credence to a previously suspect rumor. Interesting little tidbit of info, there."

"Little" being the operative word, there.

Swanner also seems reassured that the "rear cover also doesn't look damaged in any way..." That's because the "anodizing process was said to be damaging the metal where it meets plastic (on the edges)." Horrors.

He continues: "While it's not known just what those issues were/are/could be, the model in the video doesn't seem to be compromised at all." So, it's not known whether there was actually any problem at all.

But could this case be a fake? "The interior of the case looks as convincing as any we've seen," Swanner authoritatively assures his readers. That assurance sounds as convincing as any we've heard, for sure. "There are various connection points and cutouts for interior parts. The inside is also raw in appearance; shiny where the outside is matte and colored."

We're convinced, too. At least until Swanner tells us not to be.

"As convincing as it is, there's enough reason to doubt it," he suddenly warns. Wait. What? "Conflicting rumors lend themselves to cancel each other out, leaving us all in the dark. It's also possible this is a crafty fake, made from those leaked schematics we saw not long ago."

Talk about Epistemological Angst. But Swanner reverses course again, because it turns out that it doesn't matter if the metal casing is real or a fake. "Either way, it seems more than certain the new iPhone will look a lot like a small iPad/big iPod," he concludes.

Thank heavens that has been settled.


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