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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending May 24

John Cox | May 27, 2013
iPhone delays derail 4G rollouts, flexible Gorillas, rainbow phone.

It was less food for thought than fuel for flaming, judging from the comments to Slivka's post.

"OMG those cheaters/imposters/fools!" ranted randfee2. "Applying pressure is NOT A VIABLE TEST OF WEAR ENDURANCE!!!"

"This is ridiculous and surely done on purpose," he continued. "Any engineer or scientist knows, that the hardest materials are more brittle! If you put a 1mm steel plate against their gorilla glass it'll surely withstand WAY more pressure than 200 pounds, yet it scratches rather easily. The purpose of using sapphire is to keep the surface scratch free. There is no way their glass can be as good as sapphire. So especially for a camera cover glass sapphire is the best you can get (besides diamond coating). I hate companies that think I'm stupid.... screw them!"

Yet if one actually reads Corning's information, the company never says Gorilla Glass 3 is as good as sapphire for resisting scratches, only that Corning has "significantly" improved the material's scratch resistance.

iPhone cheapo will come in an array of dazzling colors
The Japanese Apple fan site Macotakara announced in a blog post based on information from "several sources," otherwise not identified: "I have 2 information about color variation of cheaper iPhone from several sources. The first set is Navy, Gold Orange, White and Gray, and 2nd is White, Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow-orange. I can say one thing from these information, namely both sets do not contain Black model."

If the word "black" isn't in either list, then that probably almost certainly means that it's highly likely that "black" is not one of the colors.

The website's post sustains the long-running rumor that Apple is preparing to create a less expensive phone. And we'll know that it's the cheap phone, because it will be colorful. Nothing says "Look at me, I'm cheap" quite like yellow-orange plastic.

And the colorful iPhone is slated for production. "The source told me that cheaper iPhone will be produced 1,000 units for field test from June, and will be produced during July September for shipping."

There's even a tidbit about the iPhone 5S. "And I got another information about iPhone 5S, which will be placed as flag-ship model when cheaper iPhone was shipped, will have dual-LED flash, and will be changed shape of mic-hole to be shaped as circle which is placed between iSight camera and flash."

At AppleInsider, the staff made a connection that would be beyond the ken of mere mortals. "The latest rumors could be supported by images that surfaced online last week showing multi-colored SIM trays alleged to be for a next-generation iPhone," the story announced. Multi-colored in this case means ... two colors: "one with a greyish hue, and another that appeared to be either golden or beige." Or maybe yellow-orange. Maybe Apple is reaching for an understated color contrast fashion statement, pairing the greyish hue with the white, pink and gold-orange/yellow-orange, with the golden or beige SIM tray with the blue and green and possibly grey phones.


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