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McAfee's 12 scams of Christmas warnings for consumers

Julia Talevski | Nov. 12, 2014
During the festive season consumers and employees should become wary of what could be lurking online.

9. ATM Skimming -- Criminals can access your information at ATMs by installing skimming devices to steal the data off your card's magnetic strip and either using a video camera or keypad overlay to capture your PIN. A simple solution is to look carefully at your ATM for anything suspicious and cover the keypad when entering your PIN.

10. 'Year in Review' Traps -- Many news services capitalise on the holidays by developing 'Year in Review' articles. Links from phony sources could infect and compromise the security of company devices.

11. BYO...Device -- People are more likely to forget their smart phones in public places. While inconvenient for them, it is also way for hackers to access sensitive personal information and business data if the appropriate security measures are not in place.

12. Bad USB Blues -- During the holiday season, you may see an increase in gift baskets from vendors who want to continue doing business with your company in the upcoming year. One of the most popular items in these baskets includes branded USBs. Beware of allowing your employees to use these, as undetectable malware is sometimes pre-installed on them.

To stay protected during the festive season McAfee recommends users to do their research on companies to ensure their legitimacy before purchasing from them; visit a site directly for their shopping deals rather than email links; review apps before downloading them; check credit card statements often; stay informed and educate employees on the potential security pitfalls.


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