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MIA at Google I/O: Glass, Google+ and other projects we're still wondering about

Mark Hachman | June 27, 2014
Google failed to mention some of its most famous (or infamous) products, or how they fit into the bigger picture. And that could be saying something..

Google launched Google TV a few years back. Today, it was kicked to the curb in favor of the new Android TV. The collateral damage was Logitech, whose Logitech Revue set-top box bore the brunt of Google TV's failure.

Larry Page (3)
GOOGLE This is the man we hoped to hear from today.

And there's more: Google Latitude. Google Reader. Google Knol. Google Buzz. Google Labs. Google Wave. All of these quietly died within Google, usually marked with a brief blog post and some online lamentations.

I'm not trying to suggest that Nest or Dropcam are dying, or dead. That's ridiculous. But I have a Nexus Q sitting by my desk, too. In 2012, Google delayed the high-profile streaming media device to, as the company said, "make it even better." Instead, it took it behind the barn and shot it.

When the Google I/O buzz dies down, consumers and developers will have to decide whether to buy into Google's future vision--a decision made harder when Google itself doesn't lay it out for us. I would have liked to have seen someone, especially Larry Page, come out on stage and tell us what Google products we'll be using in five years.

Because what Google doesn't talk about is sometimes dying, or already dead.


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