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NAB show roundup: Cool gear for videophiles

Keith Shaw | April 12, 2013
A roundup of cool stuff from the annual show for National Association of Broadcasters

The cool part about the technology is that it will work with any headphones, not a specially created set. Embedded software works with the device playing the music, game or movie (a phone, tablet, gaming console, TV, etc.). The Headphone:X technology was announced earlier in the year at CES, and the company recently announced a deal with Qualcomm through its Snapdragon platform -- so expect to see this technology appearing on future smartphones and/or tablets.

Other cool gadgets

A quick tour of the International Supplies booth at the show garnered some interesting gadgets, including:

  • Ready Rig camera stabilization system, which lets camera operators shoot in different positions while maintaining stability and comfort (with digital cinema, camcorders or DSLR cameras).
  • Dougmon was also showing off its smaller camera support system, which again provides camera operators with comfort and different flexible positions for shooting things like low-to-ground shots or "run and gun" shots (think Amazing Race style) while maintaining image stability.
  • NEXTO DI had a cool file storage backup unit -- letting photographers or videographers snap in a card to provide quick and easy backup. A newer model included Wi-Fi and an app that lets creators view their footage from the drive on an iPad (to confirm the shot or even set up a file list for editing).
  • The Nighthawk Bluetooth Microphone Combo System gives you a better microphone for recording subjects than relying on camcorder microphones or the ones from an iPhone or iPad. The recently upgraded system includes a port for attaching a lavaliere microphone to an interview subject if they don't want to wear the larger Bluetooth receiver.


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