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National ICT month will help buoy the Malaysian ICT industry: PIKOM

AvantiKumar | Sept. 12, 2012
Includes Digital Lifestyle Expo 2012 and World Cyber Games Asian 2012, says industry association.

Woon Tai Hai, PIKOM Chairman (cwm)

PHOTO - Woon Tai Hai, PIKOM chairman.


Malaysia's ICT industry association PIKOM has announced the country's fourth annual National ICT month (NIM 2012) to help increase growth of domestic ICT products and services by local small and medium enterprises as well as large corporations, it said.

Speaking during the official launch on 7 September 2012, PIKOM chairman, Woon Tai Hai, said: "NIM is a month specially set aside once a year to promote the industry, for industry players and captains of the industry to congregate, discuss the challenges the industry faces as well as share ideas and innovations."

"Whilst the industry is projected to grow at about nine percent to 10 percent this year, our nation's ICT sector continues to face several challenges, such as talent retentions, capability and capacity building, our commercialisation impetus and the uncertain global economic conditions," said Woon. "Although these challenges cannot be resolved overnight, we hope that events like the NIM will provide greater awareness and understanding of the industry and the policy makers in the public sector."

Supported by PIKOM as well as the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), the events include Digital Lifestyle Expo 2012 and WCG Asian Championship 2012, he said.

Tech showcase

The month-long NIM 2012, themed 'Innovation for Digital Opportunity,' started with e PC Fair in Tawau and also marked the official launches of World Cyber Games (WCG) Asian Championship 2012 and Digital Lifestyle Expo (DLE) 2012, a technology showcase of the latest trends, lifestyle gadgets and applications.

Other events include:

The world's first 'Cyber Games Festival', World Cyber Games (WCG) Asian Championship 2012 will be held from 7 - 9 September at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. This is the first year that the Asian Championship is being held in Malaysia, and 600 Malaysian gamers are expected to participate and challenge themselves to win the national championship title.

The highlight of the NIM 2012 will be the Leadership Summit 2012, where top-notch leaders from ICT segments will meet, discuss and review the current state of the industry.

WCG Malaysian National Finals 2012 is expected to attract about 600 Malaysian gamers across the country. The tournament is open to all Malaysian citizens and Gamers; youth below 18 years old would require parents' approval. The seven games titles featured in the National Championship are FIFA12 (individual players), DOTA2 (a team of five players), Counter Strike-Online (a team of five players), World of Tanks (a team of seven players), StarCraft2 (individual players), Tekken 6 (individual players) and Counter Strike Global Offensive (a team of five players).


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