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Nerd, interrupted: Inside a smartphone addiction treatment center

Leah Yamshon | Aug. 28, 2013
Those who suffer from nomophobia—the fear of being without a mobile phone—need a special type of rehab therapy and wellness programs to bring them back to reality.

Finally, tell your relatives and friends that if it's an emergency or if they really want to contact you, they should make an actual phone call instead of a text.

And try—try—to keep your phone hidden during social activities. Focus on the conversation. Take a mental picture instead of an Instagram shot, or write down a tweet idea on a piece of paper and save it for later. Initiate eye contact instead of screen contact. Whether we realize it or not, we aren't as great at multitasking as we think we are. So if you're going to spend time with friends, spend time with them. As Waterman says, "[Experiences] are more rewarding that way anyways."


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