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No pain, no gain: ThinkPad torture

Anushkar Mohinani | March 8, 2012
Lenovo’s ThinkPad notebook PC endures various ‘torture tests’ as it gains reputation for its durability in the business market.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad notebook PC endures a series of rigorous tests before it goes to market, which according to the company, affirms its durability and reliability.

The suite of tests, which simulate some everyday strains on laptops, have been engineerd by the company’s development team. Other laptop brands have been tested too, according to the company’s spokesperson at the Lenovo Yamato Lab in Yokohama, Japan.

drop test The Drop Test

Some of the tests include a drop test, where the ThinkPad is subjected to a fall from a predertermined height ; a bump test, where the ThinkPad is moved from side-to-side on an equipment for an hour ; and a few hours of vibration test to make sure that it can withstand shocks.

The lid of the notebook is also made to open and close under the stress test, which is said to run continuously for four days.

To further prove how robust the Thinkpad is, the screens get pressure-tested and water is also poured on the keyboard to test its resistency against spills.

To determine the notebook’s functionality against environmental issues, it undergoes a dust test, where it is put in a room and dust is blown at it for an extended amount of time. It is also placed in high heat and low temperature conditions aswell as extreme flunctuation of temperatures.  

“Strong performance is factor driving demand for the ThinkPad and we put a lot of emphasis on the product in terms of design quality,” said Koh Kong Meng, regional general manager, ASEAN, Lenovo.


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