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OpenSUSE 13.2 supercharged with smoother setup, system snapshots, Btrfs, and more

Chris Hoffman | Nov. 13, 2014
OpenSUSE 13.2 is finally here after a year in development. These 3 killer features were worth the wait.

The snapshot feature is also available in the just-released SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12. This is an enterprise-grade feature--not just a new-and-unstable toy.

Yet another faster setup tool
The YaST configuration tool--literally an abbreviation for "Yet another Setup Tool"--is used for system configuration. This has always been one of SUSE's most distinctive features. In the past, it's sometimes been overly slow and clunky, but it also provides a one-stop graphical configuration interface for practically everything you'd want to do when configuring a Linux system, from modifying your bootloader's menu to configuring various different types of servers.

In openSUSE 13.1, YaST was rewritten in the Ruby programming language. They've now had time to polish that work better. YaST is now faster, more stable, and better integrated with Btrfs, systemd, and other modern technologies.

The usual upgrades
As usual with Linux distribution updates, many-- if not most--of the changes you'll see are just the result of upgrading to the latest versions of the various upstream software packages. This means Linux kernel 3.16, KDE 4.14, and GNOME 3.14. OpenSUSE's repositories now include the MATE desktop, too--good news for GNOME 2 diehards! A preview of KDE's new Plasma 5.1 desktop is also available.

For more details about all the various changes, check out the official list of major features.


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