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Pokémon Go and the demon-haunted world

Mike Elgan | July 25, 2016
The world of mixed reality will be populated by countless 'spirits, demons, angels, ghosts and gods'

For that matter, what's the difference between the roadside hologram of the deceased and a ghost?

Psychologically, precious little.

Augmented reality and mixed reality will usher into our conscious lives thousands of parallel universes sharing the same space that we inhabit as we move around in the physical world.

Our minds will map this unseen world and we'll carry with us an awareness of the virtual creatures and objects and information that exist at specific locations -- just as Pokémon Go players do now with the existence of Pokémon.

Children who are under the age of 10 today will grow up with an intuitive awareness of these parallel worlds and their numerous virtual inhabitants.

The world of the future will be just like the world of the past: haunted by all manner of spirits, demons, angels, ghosts and gods -- oh, and a lot of useful information, as well.

Science killed the demon-haunted world. Now technology is bringing it back.


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