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Ransomware criminals turn to virus technique to spread infection

John E Dunn | Dec. 17, 2014
Viruses ride again in VirRansom malware.

Functionally speaking, then, behaving like a virus is obsolete even as millions of people still describe malware using the term 'virus'. It's a popular label that has stuck around even as worms and then Trojans took over the heavy lifting of malicious behaviour.

Viruses should be extinct but VirRansom proves it's a tactic that can still be useful. Why might the malware''s authors have revisited this technique despite its many limitations? The answer probably has something to do with how easily and silently VirRansom can spread, infecting every file it touches without the user realising.

That could take it far and wide and cause a massive nuisance not to mention part people from part of one Bitcoin. VirRansom isn't sophisticated so much as plain surprising.


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