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Samsung Galaxy S III: 10 must-know tips and tricks

Al Sacco | July 25, 2012
Samsung's latest and greatest Android smartphone, the Galaxy S III, was released less than two months ago--and just weeks ago in the United States--but it's already flying off the shelves of wireless carrier stores.

6) Quickly Launch Galaxy S III "S Voice" Features

Samsung built voice-activated features into the Galaxy S III, called "S Voice." And you can quickly access the features to do things like search the Web, get directions and control some mobile apps. To launch S Voice, double tap the GSIII Home button. (Note: To control apps using S Voice, you must enable the feature in the device Settings. Open Setting, choose Language and Input and turn the Voice Cmd for Apps option on.)

7) How to Use the Galaxy S III "Pop Up Player" Video Player

A "Pop Up Player" video feature lets Galaxy S III users watch video clips while performing other tasks. So, for example, you wouldn't need to stop or leave a video screen to check e-mail or surf the Web. Pop Up Player is easy to use, as well; you just tap an associated icon at the bottom of the display to minimize a video clip, then move the video around the screen into the position that works best for you while you check your email, etc.

8) The Galaxy S III App Switch and Task Manager

The Galaxy S III has a valuable App Switcher feature that lets you see all the recent applications you've used and quickly jump back and forth between them. To open the App Switcher, hold down the GSIII Home button for a couple of seconds. You can then scroll up and down to see recent apps and click to open them.

With the App Switcher open, a Task Manager option appears at the bottom of the screen. If you tap the option to open the Task Manager you can get information on device and memory-card storage, RAM usage, the size of downloaded apps, all active apps and more. In the Active Applications section you can force close apps that may be causing device performance issues. And you can clear your device memory in the RAM tab.

9) The Galaxy S III "Tap-to-Top" Feature

The Galaxy S III has a "tap-to-top" feature that lets you rapidly jump from anywhere in your e-mail inbox, contact list or within an e-mail message to the top of the list or message. The feature can save you time and curb all that scrolling to get to the top of lists. To jump to the top of your e-mail inbox, contact list or the start of a message simply double tap the top of your Galaxy S III device, just above the ear-speaker--tap the top of the device, not the top of the display.

10) Set the Galaxy S III Power Button to Answer/End Phone Calls

You can use your Galaxy S III's Home button to answer and end phone calls so you don't need to swipe the screen or tap any other on-screen buttons. To enable the feature, open up your Settings, choose the Accessibility options and then click to open the Call Answering/Ending settings. On the following page, check both the Answering Key and The Power Key Ends Calls boxes.


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