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Schneider Electric Malaysia unveils IoT smart home devices

AvantiKumar | July 26, 2016
Schneider Electric's Francis Heng said the focus is on developing new technologies and solutions that will drive intelligence, efficiency and connectivity.

Schneider Electric Smarter Homes products

Photo - ​​​​​​Schneider Electric launched the USB Wall Charger at Archidex exhibition as showcased by Francis Heng, Business Vice President, Partner Retail division of Schneider Electric Malaysia (right)


Energy management and automation specialist Schneider Electric Malaysia has unveiled smart home solutions during the Archidex 2016 exhibition.

Francis Heng, business vice president, Partner Retail division of Schneider Electric Malaysia said: "Today, almost anything can be controlled and automated via smart devices. With one touch, consumers are able to dim the lights, stream high-resolution music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system with a smart home solution."

Heng cited Gartner research which said an average of 5.5 million smart devices were being connected in homes around the world. It was also reported that there will be 6.4 billion of these Internet of Things (IoT) devices by year's end, and 20.8 billion IoT devices by 2020.

"Our solutions brings out the best in lifestyle and innovation for offices, hotels and homes and we want to create experiences in the home that enhance the lives of our customers," he said.

"These numbers propels the need to implement smart home solutions to provide an unparalleled comfort, connectivity and convenience to homes," said Heng, adding that the company has now launched the USB Wall Charger, Vivace switch and Easy9 Circuit Breaker solutions.

Some key features of the new products include:
USB Wall Charger allows consumers to charge multiple devices simultaneously, quickly, and it is easily incorporated to existing series of switches. The easy charging feature allows devices to recharge fast with its 2.1A charging current without the need of a regular plug adapter. There are also 3 main protections from overheating, over voltage and over current and it is designed to meet the safety and EMC requirements. Installations include hotels, cafes, transportation hubs, hospitals, high and low-rise residences, private and governmental offices.
- The Vivace is a switch and socket set is robustly constructed range for any modern interior design. Vivace is available in White and Aluminium Silver finishes and a full range of colourful surround.
- Easy9 circuit protection is an affordable circuit protection solution offering high-end reliable features at a mid-range price. It is guaranteed to comply with product standards and certification by local authorities.

"We are focused on developing new technologies and solutions that will drive intelligence, efficiency and connectivity to help customers meet these new and emerging challenges in their homes," added Heng.


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