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'Shadow IT' and the performance challenge: HP Malaysia

AvantiKumar | March 16, 2012
How HP's IT Performance Suite can help organisations meet the challenges of improving IT performance, while keeping to compliance and security standards, in the wake of 'shadow IT': Paul Muller, IT management evangelist, software, HP Enterprise Business


 'Shadow IT'

Citing his recent blog at HP Communities, Muller said: "IT consumerisation has generated considerable hype. The idea of putting the cost burden of devices back on users seems like a simple solution to a growing problem. However, consumerisation is about much more than people choosing their own devices. Failure to recognise that the old rules of IT are being re-written risks a cost and compliance blowout and an IT backlash as I highlighted in my Top 12 IT Management Trends for 2012 series."

He said that the root of the problem with unmanaged consumerisation is 'shadow IT'. "This can lead to cost, compliance and complexity challenges as services are duplicated, productivity is lost due to employees manually moving their data between increasingly fragmented processes not to mention the potential risk of a mission critical business process failing catastrophically due to its reliance on an undocumented system (whether physical, virtual or cloud)."

Muller added that shadow IT has earned a villain-like status allowing CIOs the power to fire employees who step outside portfolio management processes and procure their own systems. "However, I am starting to believe that trying to prevent Shadow IT with instant dismissal rules could be equally disastrous as people find ways around the rules that will only obscure cost, risk information and hamper innovation."

"The challenge is finding a governable balance that enables innovation and minimises complication," he said. "An open philosophy is critical when managing the underlying causes behind shadow IT such as BYOD and social networking. HP does not recommend taking away choices; the key is to manage the environment to allow innovation, not an environment of prohibition."


 Not just the software

Muller said HP has unveiled the HP IT Performance Suite in Malaysia to help organisations operationalise, measure and improve IT performance across the industry's broadest set of technology investments and asset classes. "This includes the new HP IT Executive Scorecard, which helps IT perform better by providing CIOs insight from across the industry's most comprehensive range of solutions to manage and optimise application development, infrastructure and operations management, security, information management, and financial planning and administration."

"Scorecards used to be run on something like Microsoft Excel," he said. "Digitising and automating the performance measures and structuring the scorecard so that it could be cascaded was key. In addition, the solution brings a story or narrative behind the numbers, which helps organisations see what they did right and what they did wrong. This was an obvious step and one that has got our customers around the world excited. The solutions brings unique things such as  comprehensive portfolio, controlling the integration of experience, UDM (universal data model) to understand how different functional aspects of IT are connected to chain of causality, as well as provide flexibility."


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