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South Africa’s C2C wants to level global marketing field for Asian companies

AvantiKumar | Oct. 20, 2015
In an age of digital transformation, forming successful global marketing strategies is one of many challenges that businesses face, Click2Customers' Lew Wai Kit told Computerworld Malaysia.

Lew Wai Kit - C2C  

Photo - Click2Customers Managing Director (Southeast Asia) Lew Wai Kit


Digital transformation is levelling the global business playing field but it has also brought several challenges for businesses, according to South Africa's Click2Customers (C2C).

"Thanks to the Internet and smartphone penetrations, businesses of today are unilaterally exposed to more or less the same levels of opportunities. While this is good for smaller companies or even startups, it also means that they have been placed in the same level playing field as big corporations," said  Click2Customers (C2C) managing director (Southeast Asia) Lew Wai Kit, speaking to Computerworld Malaysia.

"This means that those who fail to streamline processes and their marketing efforts run a high risk of being irrelevant in today's digital consumerism," said Lew, adding that smaller players need effective digital marketing strategies to compete against large corporations in the digital consumer age.

"With the Internet came not only the ability to reach a global audience but the principal of digital marketing has advance to such a stage that traditional marketing alone won't cut the deal," he said. "Companies need to understand exactly how effective their digital marketing campaigns are running, and if their overall marketing strategy is aligned to their business objectives."

"For example, businesses often face the challenge of reaching out to the right customers at the right time, right place and the right moment when there is strong receptiveness to a particular product or service. Potential customers usually will do research online and have greater awareness for advertisements of which are relevant to their needs," said Lew.

He said that this is where smart digital marketing platforms and analytics tools were available to help marketers understand what potential customers really want, whether they are just researching or if they are ready to make purchases.

"Due to complexity of the digital eco-system and platforms, many businesses are not able to keep up and react to the fast changing digital environment and do not have the necessary capability to deal with this changes," said Lew.

"This is where digital marketing companies such as Clicks2customers (C2C) comes in," he said. "We assist companies from large financial services to e-commerce start-ups scale up their digital initiatives and marketing strategies with our team of digital marketing experts".

AsiaRooms case study

"Our company was founded in 2003 in Cape Town and has expanded its operations to Europe, North America and Australia. Today, C2C services clients in more than 30 countries globally, including North America, Europe, Africa, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and China," he said.

Lew was previously Google Malaysia's Industry Head overseeing verticals such as consumer packaged goods, retail and finance and has worked with clients such as Nestle, P&G, L'Oreal, Mondelez, Tesco, Citibank, Maybank, CIMB and iMoney.

Lew also cited the case study of AsiaRooms, which had benefited tremendously from C2C's insight and services. "AsiaRooms has been running online since 1994 and operates in many countries around the world. At the time their account was handed over to C2C, was one of the top three spenders for Southeast Asia," he said.

Lew said C2C took on six regional accounts and was asked to bring down the average cost per acquisition (CPA) online. "We managed to decrease the CPA substantially within 4 months and at the same time C2C was asked to maintain the volume of acquisitions to ensure that the campaigns were profitable."

"When we took over the AsiaRoom's account, we were surprised by the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of these campaigns, ultimately we ran a successful commercial model for the client" added Lew. "This is just one example of the many clients we have worked with in the e-commerce, travel, telcos, retailers and financial services over the years in which we have ran very successful campaigns for the likes of Expedia, Zappos, booking dotCom, Ezibuy, Standard Chartered Bank, OCBC, KLM and SIA."

Team, tools, platforms

Lew said the C2C team consisted of digital and data experts with years of experience running globally competitive digital marketing campaigns. "The team has highly skilled mathematicians, statisticians, actuaries and marketers who are involved in setting initial campaign parameters. C2C uses Google's bid management platform for advanced campaign management solutions for various aspects of the campaigns. Advanced statistical algorithms are also used to generate maximum sales within required efficiency targets."

"It is C2C's core belief that successful, high performance campaigns are built on the foundation of a strong digital strategy aligned to the overall business objective that ultimately deliver ROI and shareholder values" said Lew. "These are the fundamentals that allow C2C to offer the right effective digital marketing performance solutions that advertisers of today need in order to compete on the global front," he said.


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