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The Macalope Daily: Disappointment city

The Macalope | Sept. 11, 2012
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Also, Windows phone? Right now your choices are to buy a dead-end Windows Phone 7 device or wait until after the next iPhone ships to get a Windows Phone 8 device. Yeah, those choices are really killing the iPhone.

This isnt to suggest that Apple wont sell a gazillion iPhone 5 devices, because they will.

But itll be a disappointment. Somehow.

But Apples incremental change process isnt likely to produce any blockbuster changes that will drive sales away from Android devices

Apple is not interested in competing on the basis of a checklist. If youre checklist shopper or motivated only by price, enjoy your Android phone.

that will make the people who want the innovations in the new Windows Phone 8 devices change their minds.

All five of them. Who are members of the Redmond, WA Rotary.

The cool features will be fun, and the iPhone fans will love them. But I dont see them adding to iPhone dominance when the most that Apple is doing right now is playing catch-up.

Playing catch-up to phones that have no price or ship date yet.

Maybe the iPhone 5 or iPhone NeXT or whatever its going to be called will be a tremendous disappointment (unlike every other iPhone in the last five years, despite how weve consistently been told they were all tremendously disappointing). But maybe you could spare us all the speculative claptrap and wait a few days to actually see it. Or until sales numbers come in and we see how many people buy it.

Or, better yet, maybe you could just not write about Apple at all. Any way we could work that out?



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