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The next evolution of the Internet: The Shared Web

Jevon MacDonald, president and co-founder, GoInstant | March 7, 2012
The past decade has seen a massive evolution of the Internet.

With native, intuitive, reliable and on-demand co-browsing connectivity, the potential opportunities for new forms of collaboration and engagement are limitless -- both internally and externally. The real-time architecture of the Shared Web has the power to impact all aspects of the Web, enhancing the previous evolutionary layers and allowing users to share all their Web activities for problem solving and developing new business opportunities.

Many complex transactions are moving online. Whether it is a highly customized e-commerce experience or a product that has traditionally been sold face-to-face such as insurance or financial services, customers still desire a personalized and consultative experience in order to make the best decision. Shared Web experiences allow an agent or expert to instantaneously join the process midstream for direct, personal and seamless interaction.

Advancements in underlying technologies have consistently set into motion the astonishing evolution of the Web. With warp-speed power now available to support native and real-time Web sharing on virtually any device, the Internet is embarking on yet another evolution. Climb on board.

GoInstant, the startup that is redefining Web sharing, delivers a patent-pending technology that provides the first "shared" Web-browsing capability for intuitive and real-time collaboration without any downloads or plugins. Customers, partners and colleagues can easily join online sessions, browse the Web and interact fully together as if seated side-by-side, enabling new applications to enhance business through improved customer relations, transaction support and lead generation.


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