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TiVo Roamio review: A pretty good DVR with a silly name

Jason Snell | Aug. 27, 2013
Beep-boop! There's a new TiVo in town, and its name is Roamio. And it's pretty good.

Bottom line
The TiVo Roamio isn't for everyone. If you're satisfied with your existing cable box, if you are a dedicated Dish Network or DirecTV user, or if you've cut the cord and are no longer watching "channels" of anything, there's nothing to see here. But if you're a digital cable subscriber who wants a better interface, the ability to stream and download shows to iOS devices, and single-box access to numerous online streaming services, TiVo Roamio offers a premium TV viewing experience. It's the closest thing to a single, do-everything television box out there right now.

The $400 Roamio Plus is the sweet spot of this product line. Unless you live in a large house with lots of TV watchers, the TiVo Roamio Pro and its 3TB hard drive (and $200 larger price tag) is probably overkill. And unless you absolutely need an over-the-air tuner, the lower cost of the Roamio is mostly offset by the required $130 purchase of TiVo Stream if you want to stream videos to iOS devices.

Using TiVo isn't essential—it's a luxury item for people who don't want extra boxes and crappy interfaces. If you're one of those people (and I have to say, I think I am), Roamio is for you. Unless you can't handle Shakespeare puns—then you're entirely out of luck.


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