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What would you do if you ruled apple?

Tom Kaneshige | Aug. 26, 2013
Seems everyone has an opinion about Apple these days. If you were calling the shots, what changes would you make at Apple? Tech analyst Rob Enderle weighs in to help get your thought process rolling.

Wanted: Foot Traffic in Apple Stores
Finally, Enderle says Apple can do more on the retail stores front.

In its latest quarterly earnings call, Apple reported that the average store sales were $10.1 million, down from $11.1 million in the same quarter last year. Part of the problem is that store traffic and the famous Apple halo effect slow considerably between product launches, and Apple is already midway through the year without a new product.

While Apple should be lauded for redefining the retail stores, the dearth of traffic between product launches can be fixed. Apple can keep energy high by expanding shelf space to third-party, Apple-related products with the specific goal of increasing store traffic during lag periods.

"I'd look at 3D printers in particular," Enderle says.

If you called the shots in Cupertino, what would you do?


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