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When Google and Microsoft feud, customers pay the price

Gregg Keizer | May 30, 2013
Users end up losers when rivals retaliate, argues analyst

Google CEO Larry Page seems to understand that.

At his company's I/O developer conference earlier this month, Page attacked what he called "people milking off one company for their own benefit," referring to Microsoft's integrating Google Chat into its email service while at the same time blocking efforts by others to tie into Skype. "We certainly struggle with people like Microsoft," Page said.

Page also argued that competition was not a "zero-sum" game, where if one technology company won, another automatically lost, and called for more interoperability and the use of open standards.

If Google puts its money where Page's mouth went, that would be fine by Moorhead. "I do think calmer minds will prevail," Moorhead said, perhaps optimistically, of the rivals coming to their senses. "Not even Google has the power to shut out all Office users using Google [services]."


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