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Which Apple devices to pack for your trip

Lex Friedman | April 15, 2013
Lex Friedman is heading to Ireland. He had to decide which of his Apple devices to pack for his travels, and which to leave at home. His thought process may help you decide what to bring on your next extended journey.

Straight tripping

As may be obvious by now, there's no hard-and-fast rule for determining what to pack for a given trip. For me, at least, the details of my travel plans strongly influence which gadgets I take.

For my trip to Ireland, then, I'm packing the iPad mini, a keyboard, and a Kindle. That makes sense for this trip because I don't expect to work and because I'm also packing an actual suitcase. If I were traveling, as I often do, with no checked baggage, the available space and cumulative weight in my carry-on would be critical factors; and I might have to give up the keyboard, the Kindle, or both. But if I were working--or traveling for a longer time--I would likely have brought a laptop along for the ride.

The question of which of my pricey gadgets to take with me on a trip is perhaps a rarefied one. But as we juggle more devices, it becomes increasingly apparent that everything is a compromise. Presented with situations like this one, you realize that maybe consumers would like a toaster-fridge--if Apple made a really good toaster-fridge. Macs are big and powerful; iPads are light but limiting. A hypothetical hybrid device that offered the best of both would be awesome. At home, it's no big deal: I have my Mac and my iPad when I need them. But when it's time to travel, the weaknesses of each device weigh in the balance just as heavily as their advantages.


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