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Windows 8 Update: Microsoft Windows 8 is not Ballmer's biggest regret

Tim Greene | Aug. 28, 2013
Even though Windows 8 incited hordes to call for Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's ouster, the operating system is not what he regrets most about his 33-year tenure at the company.

That possibility is remote, experts say, and would affect not only Windows 8 machines but any computers using TPM.

Since the initial Die Zeit story, the German security agency has backed off its recommendation that government and businesses avoid using Windows 8's TPM capabilities.

Prices down, usage up for Surface RT
Since Microsoft has offered bargain deals on Surface RT tablets that run an ARM-specific version of Windows 8 use of the machines has blossomed, according to a blog on the Web site of AdDuplex.

The site gathered a day's worth of data from 393 Windows 8 applications that run AdDuplex SDK and then figured out as best they could what device they were running on. "It is also worth noting that, since our stats are based on Windows Store apps, their definitely skewed in favor of Windows RT, tablets and other touch devices," the blog says.

Here's a chart of what they found out.

The blog compares the results to those gathered in April and finds that Surface RT represented 6.2% of Windows 8 devices in use then and represented 9.5% in August. Over that period Microsoft has offered special deals that deeply discount the Surface RT price.

New devices
The same blog drops in mention of what may be a new Surface model called Surface 2.

AdDuplex says that in reviewing its log information it comes up with thousands of model names for the devices it tracks.

"We don't have any deep details but we regularly see devices named Microsoft Corporation Surface 2 and Microsoft Corporation Surface with Windows 8.1 Pro," the blog says. "The first one definitely looks like a new device, but the second one theoretically could be just a change in what Surface Pro with Windows 8.1 installed reports."

Windows 8.1 is RTM
The first major overhaul of Windows 8 is released to manufacturers, according to the Windows ITPro blog written by Paul Thurrott.

That means device makers have the code in hand so they can start making Windows 8.1 machines, which are due out in October.

Lenovo installs Start button app
Microsoft is restoring a start button to Windows 8 when it releases Windows 8.1, but that's not good enough for Lenovo.

The major PC vendor plans to install Pokki software on its Windows 8 machines, a Bloomberg story says, attributing the news to the co-founder of SweekLabs, which makes Pokki.

Individual Windows 8 users who have bought Pokki on their own use it an average of 10 times per day, the company says.


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