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10 best sites and services to sell used tech

James A. Martin | Dec. 8, 2016
Get a new laptop as a gift and want to turn your old computer into some crisp Benjamins? These 10 online services and apps are all viable options, though each has its strengths, depending on what you hope to sell.

5. Gazelle

Gazelle takes much of the hard work out of selling unwanted cell phones, tablets and Macs. You tell the site what you have to sell, it gives you a price, and then you ship it off to Gazelle for free. The site will even send you a box. It pays via PayPal, Amazon Gift Card or by check. 

This summer, Gazelle began to offer self-service kiosks where you can drop off items for instant cash, though the price you receive is "a bit lower" than what you'd get otherwise, according to the company. Kiosks can also be hard to come by; I couldn't find any when I searched in San Francisco.

What you get in ease of use with Gazelle, you might give up in cash. For example, my 2014 MacBook Air, in flawless condition, netted me an offer of only $305.

6. NextWorth

NextWorth gives you fast quotes for a variety of digital devices, including video game consoles, portable speakers, action cameras, and wearables from Fitbit and Samsung. You can sell laptops from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba, along with Mac notebooks. The service pays via PayPal or check. It also pays for shipping. But in my tests, offers were low; my MacBook Air got me an offer of only $280 on NextWorth.

7. Close5

Close5 is a website and mobile app designed to help people in the same neighborhood or city sell items, similar to Facebook Marketplace. Using the app, it's very easy to create new listings. You just take one or more photos, write a brief description and set a price. That's it. 

Close5 is owned by eBay, and it doesn't take a cut from the buyer or seller. (Close5 may add optional premium features in the future.) Buyers and sellers communicate using the app and then meet offline to close transactions. People can use the payment methods of their choice, though Close5's site says most sellers prefer cash.  

8. OfferUp

Another contender is OfferUp, an online service and app that recently received funding from PayPal cofounder Max Levchin. Like eBay, OfferUp's scope is broad, with categories that include antiques, auto parts, and cars and trucks, as well as computers. The site emphasizes local transactions, and its listings are either auction-style or fixed-price. OfferUp currently does not charge buy or sell fees.

Buyers and sellers create profiles. OfferUp then validates users' identities via a provided state-issued ID and Facebook profile. And in some markets, buyers can pay for items using the OfferUp app.

9. letgo

Another option for local sales: letgo, an online service and app with a Pinterest-like interface. One thing that sets letgo apart from OfferUp, Close5 and others is its ability to create "Hollywood-style ads" for your items. The company currently does not charge buy or sell fees.


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