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8 Internet things that are not IoT

Jim Duffy | June 27, 2014
Cisco's proclamations on the value of the Internet of Things/Everything market -- $14.4 trillion -- would seem to include everything but the kitchen sink... and maybe even that if it's IP-enabled.

"A lot of that information (in wearables) is not happening because the individual is cognitively checking it out," he says.

As an example, he cites a piece of clothing made from fabric that's IP-enabled and uses a Bluetooth connection to a cloud-based application to monitor body temperature, heart rate, etc. When the data goes up into the cloud, then analytics and other processing occurs that has nothing to do with the human wearing the fabric.

Some of this categorization of IoT vs. non-IoT elements can be parsed out by how devices communicate. Cellphones that send data synchronously using the Real-time Transport Protocol are considered non-IoT elements while devices communicating asynchronously could be.

"It's literally a different type of data element that's on the network," Ward says.


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