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Apple TV drops optical audio-out: How to pump up the volume again

Glenn Fleishman | Sept. 14, 2015
The new Apple TV lacks the digital/analog audio output port of the previous models. But you have options!

If your computer’s speakers aren’t up to snuff, you can send audio from its built-in headphone jack to some powered speakers, or add a USB audio-output adapter for more sophisticated options, like surround sound output.

It may seem a little silly, but if you have an old iOS device that can run iOS 4.0 or later, Airfoil Speakers Touch can act as an AirPlay destination while the software is active. Plugging an old iPod touch or a semi-broken iPhone into a speaker dock or AC power and running its output to powered speakers can be a simple way to route audio, too.

Thanks to Robert Ekendahl for HDMI advice!


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