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A*STAR and PJI Contract open new manufacturing facility

Jack Loo | April 8, 2011
Licensed technology helps SMEs increase market opportunities and growth.

SINGAPORE, 8 APRIL 2011 - Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and local manufacturer PJI Contract today opened a production facility that produces titanium dioxide (TiO2) solution, an eco-friendly nano-coating material.

PJI Contract, a leading specialist contractor for industrial polymeric floors, protective coatings, and linings, has licensed from A*STAR the patented TiO2 manufacturing process developed by the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), a research institute of A*STAR.

TiO2 features self-cleaning properties that are derived from the oxidative and hydrophilic nature of the coating. When exposed to the sun, the oxidative property will decompose organic substances like microbes, while the hydrophilic nature of the coating will naturally allow accumulated water to "wash away" dust and dirt particles.

Essentially, harmful bacteria will be removed, odour eliminated, leaving coated surfaces, like residential and commercial buildings, cleaner and fresher, with minimal human intervention. The resultant effects will be an eco-friendly solution that saves on water and maintenance, as the frequency of physical cleaning would be reduced, while still maintaining the freshness of the paint surface.


PJI Contract has already applied the self-cleaning coating on the building facades belonging to a pharmaceutical giant in Singapore. Besides application on buildings, PJI Contract is making available the coating in a spray can to target the consumer market. In a statement, PJI Contract said it will be able to better manage the product's cost and quality by having its own in-house production facility.

Speaking at the opening ceremony for the new plant, PJI Contract's managing director, Philip Loh said: "SMEs should embrace technology for growth and differentiate themselves from the competition. As such, SMEs should collaborate with organisations like A*STAR, in the R&D process and focus their limited resources on commercialisation."

Exploit Technologies, the commercialisation arm of A*STAR, helped license the TiO2 technology to PJI Contract. Besides closing the licence, it also facilitated the follow-on Technology for Enterprise Capability Upgrading (T-Up) between PJI Contract and SIMTech to build PJI Contract's R&D capability to further develop new products based on the licensed technology.

"PJI Contract has used technology as a strategic lever to jump-start their foray into nano-coatings, reducing their upfront risk of technology development," said Philip Lim, chief executive officer of Exploit Technologies.



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