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Beddit tracks sleep without the wearable

James A. Martin | Oct. 21, 2015
Sleep tracking isn't for everyone, but if you seek insight into your nightly restlessness, Beddit's US$150 Smart Sleep Monitor is worth a look — and it doesn't require a wearable.

Not recommended for roadwarriors

If you travel often and want to track sleep wherever you roam, Beddit isn't the device for you. It would be too easy to forget you placed it under a hotel's mattress sheet, for one thing. If you're on the go a lot, a wearable tracker makes more sense.

Beddit's other benefits

Beddit shares its data with Apple's Health app, and its iOS app has an Apple Watch extension that lets  you review sleep data. It also has a vibrating alarm that can wake you when you're most likely to be sleeping lightly. And the device and app are easy to setup and use.

Sleep tracking isn't for everyone, but if you want more insight into your snoozes, Beddit is an easy way to get it.


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