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BenQ DLP projectors

Jan Birkeland | July 1, 2008
Review of MP771 and SP820 projectors


One hurdle for many consumers considering the upgrade to a projector has traditionally been the throw distance; the distance from the wall needed to get a sharp, large image. BenQs MP771 looks to change that with a short throw lens capable of displaying an impressive 71-inch image from just over one metre away.

Not to be confused with a dedicated home cinema projector, the MP771 nevertheless does pack a few features that could take it out of the boardroom. While it doesnt project HD (1920 x 1080) with its XGA resolution (1024 x 750), we found it to work well with media such as games and movies.

Most of the features on the MP771 are in line with its intended business audience, and it includes a detachable keypad, corporate splash screen and a presentation timer. A high brightness rating of 3,000 lumens makes it well-suited for business presentations in even the most brightly lit rooms or at home where there is high ambient light. It weighs in at just over four kgs, making it portable enough to lug around. Connection-wise it supports standard RGB and

DVI-I. Taking another cue from boardroom presentations, it also packs two speakers.

Overall, we found the MP771 to perform well outside its intended business setting, but we wouldnt recommend it as your sole home projector. If you need a business projector that youd use to watch movies in the weekend, look no further.


The SP820 is all about getting down to business. While the MP771 can perform outside the boardroom, this small projector with its handy carry handle is meant for easy transport and presentations.

BenQ 820One of the standout features of the projector is its high brightness; 4000 lumens is enough to project in bright rooms, meaning you dont have to dim the lights and shut the blinds for your oh-so-fun PowerPoint presentation.

It displays a 1024 x 768 resolution, and while we had no problem enjoying gaming via the PS3 on it, we could really only recommend this projector as a business tool. It displayed text clearly, and was very easy to set up in under one minute. RGB, DVI-I,

S-video and USB inputs are all provided.

At the end of the day, the SP820 is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a solid business projector at a decent price. Portability and brightness are the two main attractions, but this projector really is the full package.


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