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Black Hats target financial services in Q1 2011

Ross O. Storey | April 26, 2011
Ten variants of Zeus malware steal information from mobile, email and social media platforms, some even bypassing banks’ two-factor authentication.

The report said that: "Even though QAKBOT does not have the same level of notoriety as fellow banking Trojans ZeuS and SpyEye, it still manages to inflict considerable damage to the companies it affects".

"Like ZeuS, however, QAKBOT also recently underwent a "face-lift" with the release of a third-generation variant into the wild. This variant was notable in that it had enhanced propagation methods," the report noted.

More details on the round-up of 2011 threats and information on the malicious ZeuS and its 10 variants can be downloaded here.

Table 1. Trend Micro Top 10 cybercrime targets in 1Q 2011

Rank  Organization

1. PayPal

2. eBay

3. Yahoo!

4. Facebook

5. Pharmacy Express


7. ANZ

8. Lloyds TSB Bank

9. Banco Santander

10. Western Union Bank




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