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Breaking Moore's Law: How chipmakers are pushing PCs to blistering new levels

Brad Chacos | April 12, 2013
Processor performance increases may have flatlined over the past few years, but the biggest brains in the biz are working on cutting-edge tech to push PCs to blistering new speeds.

Well, at least until we crack molecular transistors or quantum computing. But that's a whole 'nother article...

Striding toward a face-melting tomorrow

So, after all that--whew!--you have a better idea of where the future of PC performance is headed. The initiatives from Intel, AMD, and OPEL each tackle big problems in decidedly different ways, but that's a good thing. You don't want all of your potential eggs in a single basket, after all.

And best of all, if all those disparate pieces of the PC performance puzzle prove successful, they could theoretically merge in Voltron-like fashion to create an uber-powerful, GPU-assisted, tri-gate gallium arsenide processor that could blow the pants off even the beefiest of today's Core i7 processors.

Today's performance curve may be flattening out, but the future has never looked so beastly.


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