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Call to account

Adam Turner (via SMH) | May 27, 2013
If your home phone bill is spiralling out of control, it might be time to finally answer the call of the internet and give up the old landline altogether.

Before embracing VoIP it is worth checking the latest plans from your telco and ISP. If you're paying for a lot more mobile calls than you need each month, it might be easier to simply use your mobile phone as your home phone. Alternatively, it might be possible to switch to your ISP as your home phone provider to save money. If you bundle your home phone and broadband on the one bill, many providers will throw in free local, national and even mobile calls.

It's worth checking your phone company and ISP's websites to see what they have to offer, as some companies are happy to let you languish on old, expensive plans, rather than tell you about a better deal. You'll also be amazed at the great deals they can suddenly offer when you threaten to take your business elsewhere.


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