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Gamestop: Xbox One will be priced less than the Xbox 360

Mark Hachman | May 27, 2013
The game retailer says it expects that the Sony PS4 and the Xbox One will be priced less than their predecessors - and that there will be fewer buyers, too.

Gamestop said that they had 250,000 gamers sign up for the Xbox One "first-to-know" email list, and 1.2 million users sign up for the PlayStation 4 notification. However, executives also noted that prior-generation console sales continued to endure long after their successors were announced. PlayStation 2 software continued to outsell PlayStation 3 software for 2 years after the PS3 launch, execuitves said.

"In the same way, we expect the PS3 and 360 to continue to grow and that, plus the pre-owned business on the new consoles, will continue to drive pre-owned," sales as a whole, Lloyd said. Gamestop said that pre-owned sales were down 7.5 percent, but outperformed the video game market as a whole, which was down by 19 percent.

Gamestop said that total global sales for the first quarter of 2013 were $1.87 billion compared to $2.00 billion in the prior year quarter, a decrease of 6.8%. GameStop's net earnings for the first quarter were $54.6 million, down from $72.5 million from a year ago.


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