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Government hacking attempts “standard espionage practice”: Huawei

James Hutchinson (via AFR) | May 28, 2013
Global cyber security officer of Chinese vendor Huawei John Suffolk said all governments were seeking secret information from each other.

"My belief is, as people spend more time to internalise the problem globally, spend more time to understand what it means for trade, from a willingness to invest, to all kinds of stuff, their policies are honed and I believe we will go back to very open markets because I can't see a world operating without an open market," he said.

Mr Suffolk also said calls to allow private companies to retaliate against hackers would not be helpful in attempting to mitigate against attacks on intellectual property and infrastructure.

"If you go down a model where you're promoting people to attack who they perceive their adversary to be ... it leads you to who or she who has the biggest brains, the biggest pockets, the biggest investments, you practically normalise you must attack everyone else," he said.

He said that while experts had gotten better at tracing the source of online attacks, it still wasn't perfect and could be misplaced.

"We wouldn't allow this is in any other walk of life from a non-digital perspective," he said. "We should look to take away as much of the threat as we possibly can."


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