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Hands-on with Evolve's singleplayer mode and terrifying third monster

Hayden Dingman | Dec. 19, 2014
I feel like by now everyone and their grandmother has played Evolve, 2K's upcoming four-versus-one monster hunting game. It certainly feels that way, especially with how many people jumped into the alpha last month.

These maps also tie together. The winner of each round unlocks a "Map Effect" for the next round. By destroying the power plant, for instance, I caused pools of radioactive energy to show up on the next map and hurt the Hunters. If the Hunters had won, they would've unlocked turrets on the next map instead.

Other map effects might cause massive man-eating eels to appear, or even a second AI-controlled Goliath to help your team out.

Evacuation mode brings up a lot of interesting scenarios as the monster. While I was encouraged to play Wraith for the first map to try it out, you quickly find that the choice of monster can drastically effect how you play. This was hammered home most for me on the Defense map, where I chose to play as the Wraith again. After winning four matches in a row I lost the Defense map because the Hunters respawn until the game is over, while the monster simply dies. Constantly respawning hunters eventually whittled away the Wraith's small pool of health, and I probably would've been better taking Goliath's strong carapace into battle.

If you somehow haven't gotten to play Evolve yet, good news: You can soon, though Evacuation mode won't be included in the next test. While the Xbox One is the only platform getting an Open Beta, the PC will have another closed test starting January 16. If you were in the last closed test, you're already in this one. Furthermore, if you own BioShock Infinite or Left 4 Dead on PC you're also included.

And then it's just a few short weeks until Evolve is actually released. Insert pun about hunting season being open.


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