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Here's how designers built the largest Lego X-Wing Fighter in the world

Cassandra Khaw and Kevin Lee | May 27, 2013
TechHive talks to Master Lego Builder Erik Varszegi about the process behind building the world's largest Lego X-Wing fighter.

"There were dozens on the assemble crew; people were just swarming all over the thing. It was actually quite impressive. It looked like a Super Bowl halftime show," Varszegi quipped.

As impressive as the idea of a movie-sized, Lego X-Wing Fighter alone might be, the construct isn't without a few extra features. The model has engines on the back of the X-Wing that can light up, and it even has the rubber bands from the original version of the model re-made in Lego bricks. Varszegi tells TechHive that they've also recreated the gears that open the wings in the much, much smaller (and purchasable) version, as well as the requisite torpedoes.

Varszegi adds, "We even have 'Lego' written in all of the studs. If you look at all the Lego elements, they just say Lego on each one--something I'm quite proud about."

While he is one of the seven Lego Master Builders in the United States, Varszegi did not take an active role in the creation of the X-Wing fighter, but instead served as a consultant on the project. He says that the team held weekly conference calls where designers in both the Czech Republic and the US would collaborate on ideas.

The X-Wing model will remain in Times Square through Saturday. On Saturday night, another team will disassemble the massive construct, load it up on a flatbed trucks and move it to its new bed at the Legoland amusement park near San Diego, where it will be on display until the end of the year.

What's next for Lego's intrepid team of model builders? Varszegi isn't sure. He says that the X-Wing Fighter is a hard one to beat, but we can be sure that they'll come up with "something just as crazy."


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