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Hewlett Packard hits the casino jackpot

Ross O. Storey | Oct. 22, 2009
HP recently won a major contract to provide the technology platform for Singapores Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort.

The combined offering by HP will enable MBS to manage servers, networking, power and virtual machines from one central location. The infrastructure will include:

  •    A wide portfolio of blade servers (HP ProLiant BL460c G6 and BL680c G6) and storage (EVA6400, VLS and MSL8096) to streamline operations and simplify capacity planning, consolidation and provisioning.

  •   HP Virtual ConnectFlex-10 Technology for network virtualisation which enables lower TCO and simplifies server and LAN/SAN management.

  •     A self-service portal where data centre administrators can take a push button approach to the provisioning of infrastructure for applications

  •     HP Insight Recovery software which enables data centre managers to quickly recover remote servers in the event of a failure.

  •     HP Insight Dynamics-Virtual Server Environment (VSE) to manage both physical and virtual resources, easing server management burdens

How would you describe the difficulty and effort demanded by the IR tender process? Why do you think HP won?

MBS was looking to take a strategic approach to long-term growth, investing in innovative technology that lowers the total cost of ownership. We underwent a very thorough evaluation during the tender period and MBS was especially rigorous in its evaluation of our virtualisation technologies.  

In the end, it was our innovations in virtualisation which helped us clinch the deal. By using HP Insight DynamicsVirtual Server Environment (VSE), a highly intuitive interface which manages both physical and virtual resources from one central location, Marina Bay Sands will simplify management of mixed environments and reduce data centre complexity.

The integrated command centre will include HP Insight Recovery software that enables data centre managers to quickly recover remote servers in the event of a data centre failure. In addition, HP Insight Control suite will provide staff with a proactive status on overall health issues.  

With HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) for simplified management of data, Marina Bay Sands can save time and costs while reducing storage configuration errors. HP BladeSystem will maximise server utilisation while minimising power and cooling costs.

What other major IT vendors/service providers do you know to have also tendered for this contract? What specific features of the HP tender do you think tipped the deal? Will HP staff be involved in an ongoing relationship with the IR?

Although we were up against vendors such as Dell and IBM, what really made the difference for Marina Bay Sands was the strength of our technology proposition, especially with regards to virtualisation. With HP, MBS is able to drive a more efficient business by focusing on all data centre elements, reducing complexity of technology environments and achieving higher return-on-investment. We will continue to work closely with Marina Bay Sands to make sure all its technology needs continue to be met.


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