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How Kancor curbed losses and saved costs using a mobile app

Ershad Kaleebullah | April 11, 2013
When inaccurate data began to eat at Omnikan’s profits—the marigold managed farming arm of Kancor Ingredients—the company turned to a mobile app and weeded out losses.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

With the system in place, it was time for Omnikan to relish the benefits.

Reaping the Rewards

The Android app rained benefits for Omnikan. Accurate farm measurement using geo- tagging saved input costs. "We saved upto three percent of the total input costs because we figured that 90 acres of the 3,000 acres of land didn't belong to farmers." This amounted to a savings of about Rs 44 lakh in a season. Better planning accuracy in harvest dates resulted in plant utilization of more than 95 percent during the harvest period. Also, there is an increase in transparency and a faster information flow from the farm to the center of excellence and back to the farm.

Enthused by the results of the mobile implementation, Ahmed is now planning to introduce BYOD at Omnikan."In the future, we are looking at a BYOD solution because the application has matured and we have more control over it. Currently, our agents and farmers cannot use the issued phones for voice and hence have to carry two phones. We would provide them with approximately Rs 200 per month for data charges and take this forward," says Ahmed.


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