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iPhone 7 release date rumours & new features

David Price | June 23, 2016
Apple to ditch usual upgrade cycle, save features for iPhone 8 | iPhone 7 headphone jack 'safe for now' according to reports.

iPhone 7 specs rumours: Storage capacity - The end of 16GB?

IHS Technology analysts have looked into Apple's supply chain and seem to think that the iPhone 7's base model will come with 32GB of storage and 2GB of RAM - marking the end of the 16GB version.

Each time the iPhones get updated we speculate about the possibility that Apple will boost storage: removing the 16GB baseline option and starting at 32GB. (At the moment, for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus at any rate, there is a curiously isolated 16GB model, a gap, and then the 64GB and 128GB models above. You can buy a 16GB and 64GB iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (no 128GB option any more), while the iPhone 5s comes in 16GB and 32GB.)

We're hopeful that this will finally happen with the iPhone 7, and we'd be glad to see the back of the 16GB storage tier, which we increasingly find unrealistically restrictive for the average user.

Many iPhone users find that 16GB isn't enough for their day-to-day needs, but the price jump up to 64GB (the 32GB models have been phased out) puts them off shelling out for more storage.

However, more recently, analyst house TrendForce has 'confirmed' (with no real evidence to suppor the claim) that Apple is planning to offer a 256GB variant of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The same report also claims that Apple will be ditching the 16GB variant (like the rumour above) but instead of a base model with 32GB storage, both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will come with at least 64GB of storage. It goes on to state that following the release of the iPhone 7, the 16GB base model will be removed from every product line up, getting rid of the 16GB variant for good. While we would love for Apple to offer 64GB as a base amount of storage, we can't see Apple jumping from 16GB right to 64GB - after all, the company wants to keep making money. 

iPhone 7 specs: Screen size

What screen size will the iPhone 7 have? There are a number of competing theories.

Of the three smartphone screen sizes Apple currently sells, the 4.7 inches of the iPhone 6 appears to be the favourite among customers. The iPhone 6s Plus and its 5.5-inch screen strikes many people as too big; the 4-inch iPhone 5s seems too old-fashioned and titchy to many more. 4.7 inches may be the sweet spot for the average Apple fan.

But it seems unlikely that Apple will give up on its other screen sizes as easily as that. For one thing, there are definitely smartphone users out there who still value smaller devices: those with smaller hands, those who prefer to use their smartphone one-handed, people who just don't like change. (That last category includes the author of this article, to be quite candid. I wrote a little about the significance of very small alterations in the size and shape of smartphones in an article that I called The handbag theory.)


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