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Layered security

Jack Loo | Feb. 11, 2009
The key to building secure security architecture is layering components from different vendors, like a series of onion skins, reports Jack Loo.

After four weeks of attempts, the only thing they found was the make of one of the firewalls, he says. They got to its log in screen based on that. Its as far as they could go.

While he recognises the importance of the round-the-year 24x7 security monitoring and management service by Symantec, Payne understands the roles played by the other vendors in making Healthe Me secure in multiple layers.

Symantec provided its expertise as to how it would deal with this. Then you layer on top how Verizon would deal with it from a physical perspective, you layer on top of that how we would deal with it from a data security perspective with Oracle.

The result is a series of different security components from various vendors. Any CIO knows that the best security protocols are multi-layered, and thats exactly what weve achieved here.


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