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M-Commerce: Changing the retail landscape

Phoebe Magdirila | May 27, 2013
In a hyper connected and mobile age, retailers are waking up to the fact that they need to offer 'anytime anywhere' mobile shopping experiences for their customers, giving rise to what is now known today as mobile commerce or m-commerce.

And as consumers simply rely on what is available, businesses should not wait any longer, says Passios. "Your customers are actively seeking to purchase your products and services through their mobile devices. And if they cannot purchase from your company through their device, they'll purchase from your competitors who are giving them that ability."

Make More Money with M-Commerce
6 ways to improve your sales via the use of mobile apps and mobile commerce:

  1. Make sure you have a mobile version of your website. Retailers with "optimized mobile sites gain an average of twice the traffic and engagement per user than those without a mobile optimized site," says Priscilla Vento, partner and co-founder of ZapMobi, a free web service platform.
  2. Make sure your mobile app is cross-platform. Deploy apps on iOS, Android and Windows devices and an HTML5 mobile web app to cover all other devices. If your app is not already done or well underway, leverage a rapid development platform hat can deliver a complete app across platforms in days.
  3. Use QR codes. "Retailers need to keep mobile customers in the store, by enhancing the in-store experience with QR codes on signage," says Jay Henderson, global strategy program director for IBM's Enterprise Marketing Management group. "By scanning a QR code, customers can be taken to online product pages, where additional information on the product is available, including item comparisons, reviews, price comparisons and the option to buy instantly."
  4. Create a mobile special (coupon or discount). Shoppers are always looking for deals from their favorite retailers, especially during the holidays. Marketers can reach shoppers on the go by sending personalized, time sensitive deals via SMS messages or email.
  5. Use geo-targeting. Almost everyone is out looking for a deal, and having the ability to ping a consumer as they are walking by a store to let them know about a specific discount or promotion occurring is an amazing way to leverage a mobile application.
  6. Do NOT update your app during the holiday shopping season. Marketers should avoid updating their mobile application(s) during the shopping season because users may be too busy or distracted to install the updates, and you don't want to be debugging your app during your busiest time of year.


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