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Michael Dell opens Dell World with an eye to further consolidation

Allan Swann | Oct. 22, 2015
Michael Dell opened DellWorld '15 in Austin Texas, laying out his vision for the future of the new company following the Dell-EMC merger.

"I don't see it as either. Its a complicated. It doesn't lead to easy soundbites.

"There are a number of things going on out there. CIOs are trying to fund transformation by reducing cost in their current infrastructure. It needs to be efficient. It needs to be ready for business.

"The move to virtualisation, hyperconverged systems - where those silos had been built up during the second platform of IT, they are starting to go away. Its important to lead in the next wave of IT. The combination of Dell and EMC gives us a great position, not just in existing tech, but in the future. Customers want to tackle their existing challenges, while developing new capabilities. All companies will be measured by how well they take this information and turn it into income and success. The others will go out of business."

Dell says that the new deal gives the company a greater footprint, which offers opportunities to sell up the stack. Not just for consumers or enterprise, but through value add, such as its support programmes, and financing - focusing not just on capex sales, but ongoing leases.

"Apply all that to the internet of things - all that data needs to be stored, it needs to be secured."

Dell would not be drawn on VMware's existing partnerships, such as with key rival HP.

"They're a great partner. I don't have any other comment."

He was adamant that the company will not be reducing its focus on PCs. Dell claims there is an existing 1.8bn PC install base globaly, with around 400 million PCs that are four years or older - a huge market opportunity for upgrades.

The penetration rate for PCs is around 35 per cent in China, 10 per cent in India, 70 per cent in Malaysia - compared to 90 per cent in the USA. Asia is a huge market focus for Dell. He also forsees further consolidation in the market, which Dell will be involved in - so it appears the buying spree isn't over.

"The PC market is consolidating, the largest have a 55 per cent market share. By 2020 that will be 75 per cent. We're going to be a consolidator. We're going to continue to keep the importance around the PC. We are going to be taking advantage of what we believe is a once in a life time opportunity for the PC market consolidating," he said.


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