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Razer Kraken Pro review: Falling behind the times

Hayden Dingman | Dec. 16, 2014
The Razer Kraken Pro isn't new, per se, but this iteration of it certainly is. Like the special version of the Razer Taipan released earlier this year, the Razer Kraken Pro now comes in a glossy white. Sure, Razer's strict neon green/black color scheme has its proponents, but I personally enjoy seeing the company branch out a bit.

The main issue, and what really sinks the Kraken Pro for me, is that there are no on-the-fly controls — no in-line controls attached to the (lengthy) wire, and no controls built into the headset as far as I can tell. That means you have no way to adjust the volume of the headset and, more importantly, you have no way (that I can tell) to mute the microphone outside of potentially retracting it entirely, a process that takes more than a bit of effort.

When's the last time you bought a headset without some form of on-the-fly controls? I don't even know, in my case. At this price point, that's unacceptable. Even the $60 SteelSeries RAW Prism, with all its issues, built in a mute button.

Bottom line

I'm happy to see Razer making products in color schemes I'd actually want to use, but the Kraken Pro's in desperate need of an overhaul if it wants to stay competitive at this price. With circular earcups, 40mm drivers (as opposed to the now-standard 50mm), and a lack of in-line controls, the Kraken Pro is showing its age.

It's not the worst headset out there by a long shot, but there are better options for the money.


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