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Singapore Power's new IPv6 smart infrastructure up and running

FY Teng | June 6, 2014
The Asia Pacific utility company has completed deployment of Silver Spring Networks technology and begun delivering deregulated energy services to commercial and industrial customers in Singapore.

Networking platform and solutions provider Silver Spring Networks, Inc., announced today (Friday, June 6, 2014) a customer success today: the regional energy utility company Singapore Power Group (SP)-which owns and operates electricity and gas transmission and distribution businesses in Singapore and Australia-has started delivering deregulated energy services to its commercial and industrial (C&I) customers in Singapore. In order to do so, SP had deployed a countrywide IPv6 smart infrastructure networking platform using Silver Spring Networks technology, as part of the Singapore energy Market Authority's retail contestability programme.

According to Silver Spring executives, "eligible C&I customers in Singapore [can now] choose from a variety of retail energy providers and purchase electricity at wholesale market prices." (Eligible C&I customers are those that have met consumption thresholds set by SP.)

The CIO of SP and Chairman of SP PowerGrid (which administers transmission and distribution for SP) Wong Chit Sieng, who was on hand to comment, said that the new infrastructure he has in place means greater choice and savings for his customers, and at the same time insures that his company has "a scalable energy infrastructure for the future."

"The transition to an interoperable and high-performance IPv6 network canopy, high service levels, and speedy deployment has been possible through strong collaboration with strategic partners like Silver Spring," said Wong. "This infrastructure will enable SP to continue delivering world class power supply to Singapore's consumers." At present, SP has more than 1.4 million industrial, commercial and residential customers in Singapore.

SP had worked with Silver Spring and partner ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) "to deploy an IPv6-based wireless network canopy that allowed for rapid connectivity for participating customers such as retail chains, town councils, and industrial customers," Silver Spring executives said.

"Silver Spring's Gen4 technology, which includes MicroAPs with 3G wireless capability, enables SP to efficiently and reliably cover its service territory in Singapore and easily add new participants," they said. "Silver Spring's standards-based networking platform also enables SP to support a broad range of smart grid device vendors, including multiple meter types from EDMI, Secure, and Mirai, across its network as it expands."


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