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Singapore's Manufacturing Alliance to help manufacturers digitalise

Nurdianah Md Nur | Oct. 26, 2017
How will the alliance -- made up of four key trade associations -- jointly develop and roll out initiatives to enhance the capabilities of the manufacturing industry in the republic?

Singapore Manufacturing Alliance
Manufacturing alliance forged between SIAA, SMF, SITF and SPECTA on 25 October 2017. Credit: SMF

Manufacturers in Singapore will soon be able to receive more help on their digital transformation journey with the establishment of the new Manufacturing Alliance.

The Manufacturing Alliance will serve as a platform to coordinate, conceptualise and formulate initiatives to "enhance the capabilities and competitiveness of the manufacturing industry", said Douglas Foo, president of Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF). By doing so, it hopes to leverage the strength of each alliance member while avoiding potential duplication.

However, the Manufacturing Alliance will neither replace the work of each member nor interfere directly with each member's agenda and operations.

Alliance members include SMF, Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF), Singapore Precision Engineering & Technology Association (SPETA) and Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA).

As part of the collaboration, each member will lead at least one alliance initiative, while the remaining members take on secondary roles to support it.

Members will also share and promote common industry best practices and knowledge to support the initiatives under the Manufacturing Alliance.

In addition, members can actively tap on the technological expertise of other strategic partners for the purposes of the Manufacturing Alliance's initiatives.

There are currently four initiatives of the Manufacturing Alliance. They are:

  1. Talentguru -- Led by SiTF, this is a skills-focused career development platform that is powered by big data analytics to help support manpower capability building for the Manufacturing Alliance.

  2. Manufacturing Transformation Initiative -- Headed by SMF, this initiative aims to create a manufacturing competencies scorecard that can facilitate consultants to help manufacturers establish their own digital roadmap.

    It will also create an eco-system comprising technology and service providers, academicians, manufacturers, government agencies, and trade associations to facilitate sharing of success cases and collaboration of key technological implementation, so that the barrier for transformation can be significantly lowered from resource and execution effort point of view.

  3. Digitalization 数码化 -- Led by SPETA, this mobile app helps manage trade associations and chambers' (TACs) membership and events.

  4. AIR Ecosystem -- Chaired by SIAA, this initiative aims to create a vibrant ecosystem of companies and organisations in the space of Automation, IoT & Robotics (AIR). It will focus on knowledge sharing and regionalisation to secure technology partnerships and meaningful business collaborations; profiling of system integrators and solution providers for Automation, IoT and Robotics; and establishing a Robotics Adoption Quality Management System that is endorsed and accepted by industry.


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