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The security gift guide

Ira Winkler | Dec. 8, 2016
Give the gift of security, so people will give you the gift of not asking for help and advice.

Privacy filters

As many people use laptops in public areas, privacy filters are especially valuable for preventing nosy strangers from seeing what is on the computer. It is especially important for people who travel frequently for work.

Portable battery chargers

While new cellphones have long lasting batteries, over time the batteries do not hold a charge as well. Even if it is a new phone, people who play games with their phones will drain batteries quickly. It some cases, being stuck without a charged phone can be a major inconvenience. For that reason, you can get people portable battery chargers that can be invaluable, yet are very inexpensive. They are small and can be easily carried.

Laptop tracking software

Laptops and other mobile devices are lost much more than people realize. While the lost data can potentially be recovered, the compromise of the data can be devastating. For these reasons, software applications that allow you to not only determine the possible location of your laptop is critical, the abilities to lock the system, and remotely delete the data are critical. Such software can stop a bad incident from becoming devastating.

There are similar applications for cellphones and other mobile devices. Apple provides the Find My iPhone app for most of their product line. Both free and paid apps are available for Droid devices.


Despite the fact that viruses and other malware are widespread, many people choose not to renew anti-malware subscriptions that come with their computer. If you find out any friends do not have a current anti-malware subscription, a renewal or new product would be great for them.

Advanced Persistent Security

A clear, concise understanding of the root of security problems will help people understand why many security problems exist and help encourage them to take the basic security precautions that will stop most of the problems. A good book that provides such fundamentals will be invaluable. I am admittedly biased on this matter, but Advanced Persistent Security is such a book. While it is intended for IT professionals, the first sections are appropriate for anyone who wants an understanding of security concerns and why the state of cybersecurity is what it is.

30 minutes of your time

If you like the person, sitting down with them and explaining basic security issues will be priceless. Make sure that they have automatic updates enabled on their software. Make sure they have anti-malware software installed. Make sure they know about phishing concerns. Make sure they have good passwords. People can’t exercise common sense, if they are not provided with common knowledge. Give them that common knowledge.


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