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Straight talk

Anushkar Mohinani | April 28, 2011
Some quick readings of the near future and response plans from ITMA Singapore.

Steve Lee, Treasurer of the country’s most progressive community of IT leaders–the IT Management Association of Singapore (ITMA Singapore)–responded to Computerworld’s queries on his association’s forecast of enterprise IT development and deployment throughout 2011 and what they think the progressive IT executive should be doing to make the most of the opportunities the year throws up. Lee is also the CIO and Director of Technology at Chang Airport Group (S) Pte Ltd. His responses on behalf of ITMA Singapore below.

Computerworld Singapore: Where do you see IT development going in 2011?
The ITMA Council sees the following key trends for 2011: Cloud-based computing—services on demand and other utility based computing; Business/Operations & IT are seen as symbiotic and this strong bond is critical for business growth; mobile devices and other form factors will spur more innovations; security measures—the expansive network and the speed in which data is moving around globally are causing concerns especially in the light of the Wikileaks issue.

What’s your advice for enterprise IT in 2011?
The ITMA sees there is a need to: train and develop core competencies that would be essential and unique to any organisation such that they are able to respond to these changes; review the sourcing strategy; and, set aside more resources for IT innovations.

As such, ITMA is in the process of putting up a CIO Certification programme that will address all the needs cited above.

What do you think that 2011 will be remembered for?
If the business environment continues to be positive, the ITMA believes 2011 will be the year where IT innovations will be seen as key to success for any organisation.

What qualities do you think senior IT executives will need most in 2011?
The ITMA thinks there are two main attributes. They are:-
1. Innovation spirit: Cultivating innovation and new ideas is essential for any organisation to get ahead over the rest of the pack.
2. Care for people: Take care of people and they will take care of business. Attracting and managing talent will be the keys to get the most innovations and productivity improvements for the organisation.

What do you think major challenges face enterprise IT this year?
Here are the two challenges the ITMA Council envisions can be significant for the upcoming year.
One: the business environment may change rapidly. This could lead to priority changes in IT investments. Two: enterprise risk management. We conducted a CIO overseas study trip to a few Scandinavian countries in Sept 2010. Our findings concluded that most CIOs in general are facing similar problems as well.

How do you figure 2011 will be different from 2010 for senior IT executives?
We believe the budget situation will improve. In terms of management strategy, we think there will be more focus on how IT and business/operations can collaborate and/or integrate to drive more business innovations and productivity. IT infrastructure will move even more towards the Cloud and services.

Where do you see the greatest opportunities for enterprise IT?
The ITMA sees that there will be more mature technology and options for mobile solutions, CRM and business process improvement tools.

How do you see leadership roles and styles changing in 2011? 
The ITMA believes that with the shorter business cycles and increasing complexity of business, more hands-on leadership may be one possible change. We feel leaders who have the capacity to change and build organisations will be more in demand.


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