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Why you need to buddy up with HR

Rebecca Merrett | Aug. 28, 2013
There's an obvious reason why CIOs and HR managers should get together.

"Rather than doing a staff survey once every two years, taking three months to get the results of that survey, and then taking another nine to 12 months to do something about it, we can basically do a pulse check [frequently]," IT director, Peter Georgiou says.

One issue HR wanted to gauge was how staff felt about their work performance. Using the app, the HR noticed managers were not providing enough useful feedback to their teams. HR was able to act quickly on this by organising lunchtime seminars that trained middle management on how to provide constructive and regular feedback.

When comparing responses a few months later, there was a significant improvements in how workers felt about performance.

"Waiting for the annual survey would probably have caused more issues and staff disatisfaction. Remember: People often leave managers, not organisations. We've now also invested more heavily in providing training to middle management," says Atlassian's head of HR, Joris Luijke.

"It is better to ask people for their opinion oon tactical and engagement related topics throughout the year, when it's more relevant. Also, it's important to measure changes in moods and opinions over time."


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