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10 useful Android apps for IT pros

Logan Kugler | April 11, 2011
Manage files, monitor servers, discover network devices, remotely access desktops and more.

From: Kenny Root and Jeffrey Sharkey
Price: Free

ConnectBot makes use of the Secure Shell (SSH) network protocol to establish a secure connection between networked devices. The app allows IT workers to shell into the multiple servers and firewalls they support and securely transfer files to and from the phone.

One drawback is that you won't be able to use this app in landscape mode if you're using a virtual keyboard, because the keyboard takes up the entire screen. However, the developers suggest a work-around for that situation: Use the Force Resize command to force the app to fit above the virtual keyboard.


From: Overlook
Price: Free

Overlook's Fing is a handy cross-platform network-discovery tool that quickly gives you a complete picture of the devices and services running on your network. Fing also includes basic ping tool that tests the reachability of a host in an IP network by measuring the time it takes for a packet to reach the host and return.

You can run multiple scans or pings in quick succession and output the results in a variety of formats -- including plain text, HTML tables and CSV logs -- for viewing in the app's console window, a Web browser or a third-party application.

NeoRouter Android app
NeoRouter for Android
Click to view larger image.

NeoRouter for Android

From: NeoRouter
Price: The basic version is free; NeoRouter Professional starts at $99 for eight licenses (a 30-day free trial is available).

NeoRouter is a cross-platform VPN product that allows you to remotely access Windows, Mac and Linux computers or view their status. NeoRouter for Android brings that functionality to your phone. Small businesses in particular will appreciate this app, which allows system administrators to connect to all of their computers from any location, integrating remote access, file sharing, VPN and user management.

IT pros at larger businesses may also find this app useful, because it can be used to remotely access printers, manage and maintain unattended servers and provide remote support to users. NeoRouter for Android works very well with ConnectBot and other Remote Desktop Protocol and VNC clients.

NeoRouter for Android comes in a free version and a professional version, both of which require that users have a NeoRouter Server set up with remote computers added. NeoRouter Professional is designed specifically for commercial use and includes a built-in firewall, user access control, spoke-and-hub networking and subnets -- plus one year of technical support.



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