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3 reasons to pick Google Keep over Evernote (and 3 reasons not to)

James A. Martin | Oct. 19, 2015
Google recently released its Keep note-taking app for iOS. Google Keep beats Evernote at its own game in three key ways, but Evernote also has three distinct advantages.

3) Evernote notes in Google search results

When you do a Google search, Evernote's Web Clipper extensions can display your relevant notes to the right of search results. This is one of the most useful Evernote features. As of this writing, Google Keep notes don't show in Google search results.

Google Keep vs. Evernote

Ultimately, Google Keep is useful for those who just want to make quick notes and lists on the go and aren't interested in creating a deep archive of content. It's also good for sharing lists with others, such as shopping lists. And it's completely free.

Evernote is a better choice if you want a database of notes, lists and Web content, and you want as many features as possible — even if you have to pay for them. The basic Evernote plan, which is quite useful, is free, but more advanced features require a paid plan, which start at $25 a year.  


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