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4 laptop security trends you should know about

John Brandon | Aug. 4, 2016
These new techniques and products are not as widely known, yet they are effective for any laptop-carrying business worker who needs to fend off the latest attacks.

“Yubico’s vision is to enable internet users to have one single and secure key for securing access across from any device to any number of services,” says Ronnie Manning, a YubiKey spokesperson. “Additionally, they are crushproof, waterproof and require no drivers or battery. The YubiKey NEO hardware key also supports NFC for mobile authentication.”

4. Dell Advanced Threat Prevention

Dell has a taken a fairly radical approach with laptop security. Instead of pre-installing virus checkers and spyware scanners, which consume extra memory and need constant updating, their Advanced Threat Prevention software looks for suspicious activity. It does not connect to the cloud so it works at all times. It blocks a compromise within 1.2 milliseconds by looking at the underpinnings of the code rather than scanning for known virus and malware signatures.

“Dell threat detection with the built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies protect against zero day attacks and other advanced persistent threats, as well as targeted attacks like ransomware and spear phishing,” says King.


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